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Electronic and ELECTROMECHANIC manufacturing

Meba is the right partner to grant your outsourcing manufacture

Manufacturing and assembling of electronic and elecrtomechanic elements, Meba is a lean company strongly oriented to quality and has the ability to help your own company throught the entire manufacturing process.

We are as the tugboat who can carry our partners between manufacturing perils. It doesn’t matter which are the firm dimensions or the complexity of its production: we offer a safe landing place where our customer can just take care of its core business with no additional troubles.

  • electronics
  • SMT assembly is on three lines including screen printing, Pick and Place assembling, recast and optical inspection (AOI).

  • electromechanical
  • Each production line that includes a semi-automatic assembly or a manual one is designed in order to eliminate any non-value activities.

  • automotive
  • Steering wheel controls, Selespeed gear, switches and circuit breakers are just some of the products processed in the automotive field.

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  • We take care of your needs to offer the best solution for your requirements, always.


Production includes SMT and PTH assembling lines, ICT test and AOI check systems.

There are robotized areas with a high automation level dedicated to assembling and testing electro-mechanical devices, a department for the production of magneto-thermic groups and station for laser marking and pad printing.

The computerization of process flows ensures the full control of any productive cycle and the complete traceability of what happens in the factory.

Processes are configured following the logic of the Lean Manufacturing, in order to contain costs and reduce low value-added activities and wastes, optimizing flows to guarantee accurate and punctual deliveries.

Factory strategic position

Meba East opens in May 2014 in collaboration with the biggest automotive partners. The 1.700 square meters factory is located in Bacau, a rapidly developing city of Romania.

Production benefits

Meba East hosts the low-cost manufacturing and is specialized in electronic assembly with SMT and THT technologies. The reduced production costs and transport convenience makes it the ideal choice for outsource low cost production.

In the near future

n the near future Meba East will grow for a complete localization of some strategic lines, to offer to customers a complete production chain.


MEBA s.r.l.

Viale dello Sport, 14
21026 Gavirate (VA)

Phone: +39 0332 668011
Fax: +39 0332 666138

P.I. 01188310120


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MEBA s.r.l.
Viale dello Sport 14,
21026 Gavirate (VA)
Phone: +39 0332 668011
Fax: +39 0332 666138
P.I. 01188310120

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